What hair transplant is all about?

What's hair transplant is about?Hair transplant surgery is today’s most popular way to treat hair loss. An intervention generally lasts a full day, with the recovery time for most patients happening throughout the duration of a week. The hair from the transplanted follicles will start to grow months after the surgery, and you will see final results after a year.

Potential reasons for hair loss: Hair loss is can be caused by several factors, not limited to aging, hormonal imbalances or changes and a hereditary history of baldness. Although hair loss can be caused by conditions within the body, it may also result from outside factors, such as trauma or burns.

Across the globe, getting a hair transplant procedure done has become an increasingly common hair loss solution.

Regain your natural hairline and the density of your hair!

What hair transplant is all about?

Hair transplantation is a type of hair replacement surgery where hair follicles are implanted from the back of the head to the bald spots. Since it’s considered a reconstructive surgery, people who need the procedure can consult a plastic surgeon trained to perform hair transplantation procedures. Hair transplantation is generally the best option for those who experiencing severe hair loss.

Before any hair replacement surgery, doctors will evaluate the patients’ scalps and donor areas – the best candidate for hair transplant procedure should still have healthy hair growing on the unaffected portions of the head. Hair replacement techniques use existing parts of one’s hair to replace the bald parts.

The healthy parts of the patient’s hair – usually the back of the head – are considered as donor areas. These areas are mined for hair grafts, the removed sections of the patient’s scalp contain healthy hair-growing follicles.

As mentioned, hair transplantation has gained considerable popularity within the past few years. Many hair restoration clinics in London and surrounding areas offer hair transplants and other permanent solutions to severe hair loss. If you want to do the hair transplantation surgery for lower price, check the possibilities abroad. Hungary, for example, is a popular destination.

What hair transplant is all about?
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