Hair transplant centre

How to find a good Hair Transplant Centre?

The first thing to ensure is that you find a hair transplant centre dedicated to hair replacement. Sounds silly doesn’t it. Aren’t all hair transplant centres dedicated to hair replacement? Well, no. There are some which deal with a whole range of other conditions too.

We would prefer to deal with a hair transplant centre that specialised only in hair replacement. Where it wasn’t just a sideline, but where all the professional staff were dedicated hair replacement specialists.

Make sure that they hold all relevant qualifications required for your country. Don’t be afraid to ask and don’t be afraid to make some outside investigations about their qualifications. Find out what are the trade and professional bodies in your area relating to hair replacement and see if that particular hair transplant centre belongs to them.

What else can I do?

Why not ask them for some references of other clients who you can talk to? Bear privacy in mind, they will, or should, require that person’s permission to give out their name, but there should always be some previous clients who are happy to share their experience with you.

And assuming that you have consulted a doctor as we have suggested, ask for a recommendation to a good hair transplant centre. Your doctor should be able to give you some recommendations.

Finally, look for a hair transplant centre that offers the whole range of treatment options. If you find a centre which offers only transplants as an option, then you can bet they’ll recommend that you have a transplant. Ask them to tell you the range of treatments they offer to their clients.

Hair transplant centre
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