Botox for hair growth – A remedy for hair loss?

Botox for hair lossA California based surgeon has discovered that Botox is an effective new method of hair regrowth. He observed this occurrence when he injected his mother’s scalp with Botox as a treatment for headaches she was suffering due to chemotherapy. This kind of a treatment is used for muscle relaxation, and relieving pains induced by some conditions such as migraines.

The patient had suffered hair loss due to chemotherapy, but her hair began growing back after the administration of Botox.

Dr. Ourian has been carrying out tests on volunteers, three years since he initially discovered the treatment. He has now developed the treatment to treat patients with hair loss only.

Botox plus vitamins

Dr. Ourian combines Botox injections with combinations of specific vitamins that enhance blood circulation and cell growth in the scalp. This is done to increase the efficiency of the formulation. Due to this, the treatment is best suited for treating alopecia areata, which is the major cause of hair loss.

A number of injections, taken twice or thrice a year, have been reported to increase blood circulation. This helps increase nutrient supply to the hair follicles, causing hair regrowth.

Two to three treatments per year

Botox hair loss treatment is distinctive because it claims to aid hair regrowth. Of the other known hair growth products, Rogaine is aimed at only preventing hair loss and Propecia is said to reduce hair loss and occasionally cause hair regrowth.

This treatment is not yet recognized. Experts suggest independent testing of the treatment to verify the results claimed by Dr. Ourian, and to test the safety of this method.