Bruce Willis hair options

Bruce Willis hair lossLong time Hollywood star Bruce Willis may have lost his hair but he is still got that charismatic charm and confidence that keeps the ladies fainting. First part of Die Hard was presented 25 years ago, that time the famous actor had thick hair. We first saw Willis’ hair start to thin when he graced our screens in the Moonlighting Tv series as detective David Addison. He was 30 at the time.

Hair loss is one of the most common and natural problems men must face as the time passes. Eight in ten will lose some degree of hair and for two-thirds of men it will happen before the age of 40. Most men who start to become bald begin to question their appearance, lose confidence and generally freak out. But not Bruce: ’I am a man and I will kick anybody’s arse who tries to tell me that I am not one because my hair is thinning.’ Willis famously asserted while shooting Die Hard 5.0 ’A Good Day to Die Hard’. He is a classic example of the form male pattern baldness takes, with receding temples and bald spot at the back which eventually meet on the crown. Willis shaved the less for a complete bald look. Once he said to a respected transplant surgeon who offered his transplant service to him: He would remember their conversation when the time came. Well, the time most certainly came but Willis could not care less.

Now we examine if Bruce could still gain back his original tonsure if he was willing to undergo the surgery. Is there anything to do with his hair loss? The answer is NO. He lost so much hair already that it would be impossible to transplant his hair roots from his nape to achieve a natural outlook. In his case there is not enough ’raw material’ available to do a succesful hair transplant procedure. But we must acknowledge that Willis now aged 57, with an unembellished crown, is still looking good. Willis sported an aging police officer John Hartigan in Sin City (2005) and troubled child psychologist Dr. Malcolm Crowe in The Sixth Sense (2006) proving his talent is flexible but he is arguably meant for the wise cracking, hard edged characters who, let’s face it, are stereotypically bald.

On the other hand several Hollywood stars visit hair transplant clinics to stop their hair fall. Sometimes doctors must communicate bad news with the patient when their hair loss is so advanced there is no roots to transplant. Therefore it is important to recognise the problem of hair loss in time and to start the best treatment. In most cases hair transplant is a forever lasting solution as even 15000 hair can be transplanted if adequate donor area is available. Read further details on HairLossRevolution about informed decisions you can make to prevent, stop or cure hair loss.

If you also face hair loss problems, and do not share Willis’ point of view, contact a hair clinic for more information, advice and treatment.

Bruce Willis hair options
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