Derma roller to stimulate hair growth

The Derma Roller is a newly developed device. It is capable of simulating collagen production in the skin, without causing any damage to it. It is of use to both men and women, with the following benefits:

  • Hair Restoration
  • Anti Aging
  • Anti Wrinkle
  • Cellulite Reduction / Removal
  • Scar Removal
  • Stretch Mark Removal
  • Treatment of Hyper Pigmentation

The Derma roller is a precisely engineered medical instrument. It is easy to use, and can be used comfortably in the privacy of one’s home. It is made up of a hand held roller, which contains 192 surgical steel micro needles, with the ability to part the pores of the scalp or the topmost layer of skin without causing any damage to it. The pores close again within an hour, but at that time the skin becomes considerably better for absorption of skin lotions and creams.

The needles are only 1mm in length, which only cause a tickling sensation when the device is used. This procedure of micro needling is very common among the cosmetic procedures of today.

dermaroller hair loss treatmentThis device can be used up to 5 times a week, on any part of the body the user requires: hands, arms, legs, thighs, neck, scalp, face, and even over delicate skin, such as the under-eye area. Regular use helps improve blood supply to the area, remove stretch marks and reduce cellulite, which helps the skin with wrinkles, lines, sun damage etc. It can also be used to remove scars from acne or surgery. The treated skin is more elastic, thicker, smoother and tighter.

In terms of anti aging, this treatment reduces sun damage, removes creases and wrinkles around the eyes and lips. It can treat age spots, pitted skin, crow’s feet and dimpling.

For the treatment of hair loss, and reversing whitening or graying hair, Derma Roller is a good option. Regular use shows improvement in the conditions, and the device and be used for about 3 months before requiring replacement.

This treatment process is known as CIT (collagen induction therapy). It increases the density of collagen fibers and elastin, without requiring resurfacing or peeling the skin. It does not require taking time off work, and does not involve any embarrassing healing processes.

Derma roller to stimulate hair growth
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