But I Can’t Have Hair Loss, I’m A Woman!

But I Can't Have Hair Loss, I'm A Woman!A common reaction to female hair loss is – how can I have hair loss, I’m a woman and women don’t lose their hair! But female hair loss does happen.

Female hair loss usually happens for different reasons to male hair loss, and in different ways. And of course some female hair loss is also perfectly natural. Both men and women lose hairs every day as part of the hair growth cycle, and this is not a problem. It is only when a womans female hair loss becomes excessive hair loss, or loss of hair at a faster rate than it can be replaced, that it may become a problem.

And of course many of the same factors that cause reversible hair loss in men can also cause female hair loss. Factors like stress, certain medical conditions and certain medical treatments. And often hormonal changes that occur as a part of life. And they are also often reversible.

And one of the more common causes of female hair loss can be dieting. Rapid weight loss can itself cause hair loss in women and this can be exacerbated by imbalances in the nutrient intake in the diet, or excessive intake of some nutrients.

However, as for men, there are some types of female hair loss which are more problematic. Women can also suffer from inherited loss of hair which can be a problem – female pattern baldness.

If I’m worried about it what do I do?

Exactly what the men should do. See your doctor. Your doctor can find out the cause of your female hair loss and tell you exactly what your options are. It may be nothing to worry about at all.

But I Can’t Have Hair Loss, I’m A Woman!
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