Is It Male Pattern Baldness? Should I Worry?

Is it really MPBEvery male worries as soon as he sees hairs in the drain. Male hair loss! It’s happening already. But male hair loss is often quite normal and is part of a hair loss and hair replacement cycle.

It is perfectly normal to shed some hairs each and every day and this is not a sign of unnatural male hair loss. Hair has a natural life cycle and is not immortal. All hairs die at some stage. Male hair loss only becomes a problem when it becomes excessive male hair loss, in other words hair is lost at a faster rate than it is replaced.

And even excessive male hair loss is not necessarily a disaster. There can be causes of excessive male hair loss that are only temporary, and once reversed naturally the hair grows back. Hair loss can be caused by excessive stress for example, or by some medical treatments. And when the stress or medical treatment is over the hair grows back.

And there are certain medical conditions which can also cause male hair loss, and once the condition is treated the hair will grow back as well.

So how do I find out whether I should worry or not?

As there can be so many causes of male hair loss, and as some can be sinister and some are not, the first thing you should do is to visit your doctor. Your doctor will ask you all sorts of questions to see if it is possible to pinpoint the cause of your hair loss, and to see if there is some form of treatment that can be prescribed.

Of course the one which worries everyone is male pattern baldness. This is an inherited form of male hair loss that is more difficult to treat. There are certain medicines which are specifically designed to treat male hair loss, including male pattern baldness. The bad news is that they don’t work for everyone all of the time. And they usually aren’t cheap.

So your doctor is the first step if you are worried about male hair loss. Listen to the advice you get before you start to worry, it may be something quite unexpected and nothing to worry about at all. And have a look at the rest of our site for some more tips.

Is It Male Pattern Baldness? Should I Worry?
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